Visual Prayer is a way to connect to God through our natural desire to create. By combining several artistic values that may overlap each other including (but not limited to) scrapbooking, painting, drawing, doodling, and countless other visual and kinetic art techniques, we are able to commune with God in silence through creation.

Visual Prayer offers tangible comfort and peace in our sometimes intangible faith.

* * *

My Story

I’m not a good  pray-er. I have the absolute best intentions to pray for you, I do, but when I close my eyes to pray, my mind is all over the place. It’s not for lack of trying either. I can read a book, even the Bible, without my mind wandering, but when it comes to prayer? I feel like a failure.

I started a prayer journal, I’d take it with me to church and jot down all the prayer requests and I’d write a note to Jesus. That worked for a time. I heard a pastor say that if someone asks you to pray for them, you should stop that second, drop what you’re doing and pray with them. The problem with that was, I was a bit of an introvert and didn’t really see a lot of people. I had online friends though (and this is way before MySpace and Facebook, back in the day of Message Boards!) I took up the practice of sending email prayers to the person in need. Amazing things happened, they’d respond telling me no one had ever prayed for them before, they were printing out my prayer and keeping in their wallet to read often, they were crying and they felt loved.

I was browsing Amazon.com one day and that little message at the bottom drew me in, “If you like this book then you might also like…” and a book called Praying in Color was listed. I clicked, bought, received, and started this Praying in Color. The girl who wrote the book had the same issue as me with prayer and one morning, she was sitting on her deck with coffee, overwhelmed by the prayer needs and she found herself doodling around one person’s name as she thought—and prayed. That became a time of prayer for her. And for me.

But then I got bored. I’m very kinetic and visual, and while doodling is great, I needed to rip paper, glue things down, move them with my hands. I went to my art supplies and started what I now call Visual Prayer.

And I also started giving my prayers away.  The response was even greater with these tangible reminders that someone has thought of you, prayed for you, and God has heard those prayers.

My first doodle-prayer was on June 7, 2008. On June 7, 2010, my mom died rather unexpectedly and grief took over life for awhile.  It was through Visual Prayer that I was able to express my grief, my prayers, and my heart to God and to others.

From there, God has used me to lead Visual Prayer workshops and share this form of prayer with many like me.

I pray you are blessed as I was blessed.